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Find Black owned Businesses anywhere in the USA easily


Reach thousands with your message on our Smart Signage TV Systems (SSTV's) world-wide


Reach thousands with our ever-growing member database and social media networks


Enjoy our printed and electronic version of the Business Directory, filled with businesses in your city. is the extended online version of the Black Business Directory, and serves as a vital resource tool for locating businesses that are African-American owned or that serve the African-American Community. offers FREE business listings as well as a host of other services and products that are designed for business growth and for maximum Marketing presence.
Reaching more than 800,000 consumers, this powerful tool is easily accessible, and is simple to use.
Besides our online service, the BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY also offers the following services:
• ANNUAL BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY- 10,000 copies printed and distributed annually. Thousands of listings and hundreds of advertisers from all areas of business & all areas of the DFW metroplex.
• E-EDITION– this is the Digital Edition of the Annual BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY which has thousands of business listings, with the ability for businesses to place their ads.
• E-MARKETING– we have over 45,000 members in our database that we send out such as ads, flyers, special offers, newsletters and much more for businesses, churches and other organizations looking to get the word out in the most effective and cost saving way possible.
• SMART SIGNAGE TV Systems (SSTV)– we have several locations throughout the world that host our 32″-55″ SSTV advertising monitors that run static advertisements in restaurants, barbershops, beauty salons, Dr. offices, and retail stores reaching thousands of potential consumers and customers daily.


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