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Address : 415 North Bishop Avenue , Dallas , Texas , 75208

Kiez started from a spark of an idea to work for ourselves and leave the corporate world behind us. Over the years, as we met people from our local community that supports us and others who travel from other communities, we developed an appreciation for our ‘sense of community’.   The Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas where we set up shop is a wonderful place that is supported by locals and enjoyed by everyone.

We learned by manufacturing our own bath products and candles that it can be a struggle to grow your business.   Small Business is the backbone of our country and yet it can be difficult for a small business to bring its products to market and to consumers.  With this understanding, we decided to focus on bringing our customers products from other small businesses.

We began our search first in the local area and then expanded outward.  We looked for women or minority owned businesses.  Small business that have just started and may be working out of their homes.  We found some great products along the way.

The next step in our evolutions was incorporating an environmental consciousness into our business.   We sourced the raw materials for our products locally whenever possible.  We started looking for products that were up-cycled or made from recycled materials.  All of this has been a great success.

Now we come to our store as it is today.  We have added Fair Trade to the mix and it has been wonderfully received by our customers.  We now have brought wonderful products from other communities around the world to our local community.

This brings us back to our name Kiez.  It’s a German word that best translates to “a sense of community.”  It’s more than just the boundaries of the district you live in.  It’s the feeling of belonging to an area, a community, and the people that live there.

Welcome to Kiez!

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